43 Spiritual Ways To Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Posted by: admin • Apr 28, 2020


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Traditional Chinese Medicine has roots in spirituality. As a practitioner, it’s important for me to practice what I preach.

In Chinese Medicine, when we are one with ourselves, we are one with nature and one with the universe. This is what allows for ultimate balance.

So, in order to do that, I like to direct our attention and intention inwards. Because when we are grounded and rooted in ourselves, we are grounded and rooted in the world.

The happier and more content we are, the more our world reflects that.

So instead of giving in to the overwhelming noise of the outside world and sometimes that noise in our heads, I simply like to check in with easy questions like:

“How am I doing right now?” “How do I feel?” “Is this what I want?” “What would make me feel safe? “

What would make me feel loved?” “What is something fun I can do for myself?” “How can I be more kind and gentle to myself?”

Make the conversation about ourselves and less about what the outside world thinks and what our own judgments say.

With time and practice, we develop a loving and healthy relationship with ourselves. We are worth our effort.

Read the Full Story on Matt Beech Mystic Here