2020 Can Still Be My Year

Posted by: shindi • May 19, 2020


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Implementing a Self Care Plan

Shin-Di Cynthia Lai is a licensed acupuncturist and RN with her own private acupuncture business. Lai started her Southern California business in 2013. Three years later, the stable income from the practice allowed Lai to maintain her patient flow and go back to school for her nursing degree.

2019 was what Lai refers to as her recovery year.

“It was the first year I didn’t have to work and go to school full-time. I allowed 2019 to be an easygoing year to rest, recuperate, and plan to build my brand and push to increase clientele in 2020,” Lai says.

Lai’s plan for 2020 was to execute major growth. Now that she had two licenses, she was open to bigger business opportunities, brand development, and an increase in clientele and revenue. She could treat many conditions in acupuncture, ranging from women’s health to fertility. Lai worked alongside athletes and sports teams for their performance, health, wellness, and recovery, both physical and mental. She was also a school nurse. It seemed like 2020 was the year she would take by storm.

Due to COVID-19, Lai has been unable to work for over a month. Her skill sets, unfortunately, interfere with social distancing guidelines.

“My line of business requires me to be within six feet of my clients,” Lai says. “Acupuncture has amazing benefits to help calm emotions and build the immune system. However, it’s risky because of the close proximity. It’s something I battle with on a daily basis – knowing that my skill set offers something so good for people, but I have to do the right thing and keep my social distance.”

Lai has been able to combat the mental toll on her personal health and wellness through self-care. In a COVID-19 landscape, this means socially engaging with friends and family via FaceTime calls. These calls take place at least four times a week.

“We do so much together,” Lai says. “We talk, eat dinner, and drink coffee. We watch movies and work out together. We’ll even do a trivia or game night on Zoom.”

Outside of calls, Lai’s self-care plan includes coloring in coloring books, engaging in at-home workouts, meditating, and taking baths. She credits her self-care plan for helping her to stay grounded and calm.

“Being positive has motivated me to work on coming out of this pandemic bigger and better than I was before,” Lai says.

Lai is also using this time to get creative with her business and its offerings. Now, she offers telemedicine appointments and has come up with new ideas for products and supplements. It’s time spent doing all of the things Lai once said she didn’t have time to do before.

“Setbacks are here to challenge us. We have a choice of how to react and if we want to learn.” Lai says. “I choose to be positive and move forward. 2020 can still be my year.”

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