A millennia of Chinese medicinal wisdom describes the human heart as the organ the physically pulses us forward and energetically allows to connect with those around us. Equally important, is our ability to connect to ourselves.

Our bodies are in constant conversation with us. Sometimes subtle, sometimes awakening, the body always invites us to be in harmony and balance. Intuitively, we may know this language well but sometimes that conversation can get lost amidst the many things that demand our attention throughout the day. Chinese Medicine offers us a clear path towards interpreting the bodies unwavering desire for you to live in optimum health. You deserve your health, and with it, a confidence in your own longevity. Hear your heart, heart your health.


Shin-Di's Bio

Shin-Di Lai, L.Ac, Dipl. O.M.completed her Master of Arts in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a clinical internship at Yo San University in Los Angeles.  She also received her national certification through NCCAOM and her California Acupuncture License.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, focusing on Exercise Science at California State University, Northridge. Shin-Di has previous training in many Western Medicine fields including physical therapy, nursing, surgical technology, and athletic training.


About Shin-Di Lai Acupuncture

A Lineage of Birth Workers

Shin-Di’s interest in reproductive medicine has been nurtured from a young age. Her skills have been honed from watching her grandmother use traditional herbal remedies to care for post-partum mothers, learning from her mothers’ 30 years of experience working as a nurse in labor and delivery, and from her own extensive training at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shin-Di brings to her clients generational wisdom, modern expertise, and profound compassion.


Traditional Experience Meets Modern Expertise

Trained as a surgical technician with a major in Kinesiology, Shin-Di has extensive knowledge of the human body including endocrinology and orthopedics, all of which she applies to help her clients meet their reproductive or general wellness goals.

Her partnership with Western doctors who are pioneering cutting-edge methods in reproductive medicine informs her practice and experience. From in-vitro fertilization to post partum care, Shin-Di offers her clients an integrated approach drawing from the most effective Western treatments while remaining rooted in an ancient art of healing and wellness.